Privacy Policy

What information is collected about me automatically?

All Senate Sites:

The Senate servers which host the official Senate websites of all Senators’ offices collect certain information about visitors automatically. This information is used to determine which items are most accessed by constituents and also assist in determining technical site design specifications, monitoring system performance and identifying areas for upgrade or improvement. The information automatically collected includes:

  • Domain name (example: if you access the Internet via America Online)
  • The pages of the Senate site that you visit
  • The date and time of your visit
  • Any link through which you came to the site

Further information about the Senate’s privacy policies

This site does not use a cookie and makes no attempt to track overall Internet usage of any visitor. Individuals who access this site are not personally identifiable unless they choose to supply contact information on the webform.

Links to Other Sites 

Links are provided for constituent convenience in navigating sites involved in the public policy process. When such a link takes you to the site of a non-Senate entity, you may encounter inappropriate or offensive material.

The content as well as the privacy policies of sites linked from this site are the sole responsibility of those who maintain that site. Upon visiting those sites, you will need to refer to that site’s own privacy policy to determine the differences, if any, from the privacy policy of this site.


Any email that constitutes a threat against the safety of the staff, or any other person will be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies.